Back to Campus


The last time I visited my campus (Faculty of Economics Universitas Gadjah Mada) was 3 years ago, but boy, so many changes happened to my (used to be) lovely campus in 3 years. It now has the big twin tower of “Pertamina Tower” (which design remind me of Petronas tower for some reason *hmmmm*) at the front of the gate. I’m not an architect but I think it’s ugly and seems misplaced in overall design of UGM campus we knew and love before. And now it became the facade of our campus *doh*.

Luckily going inside the campus I can still find the old buildings that we are accustomed to.



I also found on student announcement board, they retained the campus magazine logo I designed almost 20 years back.. Haha not bad .



Vintage Culinary: SGPC Bu Wiryo


I’m attending my professor’s daughter wedding this weekend in Jogja. Back to the lovely city where I pursued my bachelor degree. It’s also a place where i and Elok shares lots of memories. One of them of course is food! After took Soto Sholeh for lunch yesterday, and Sate Samirono for dinner, this morning we went to Sego Pecel (SGPC) Bu Wiryo.

Established since 1959, this place is still popular in Jogja, especially among UGM students. I reckon this as best Sego Pecel in the world. The taste is authentic and the ambience is irreplaceable.

Family Day 2013


This year’s family day is held in our office’s complex with activities like fun bike, fun walk, musical performance and what else but the popular “Joget Caesar” dance! A bit modest compared to last year, but in the end we all have fun.




BER 2nd Golf Tournament 2013


It’s time for 2nd BER golf tournament! After long absence of golf (almost 2 months) due to Ramadhan and long holiday, I’m back to swing my golf club again. This time i participated in my office golf tournament in Palm Hill Golf Course, Sentul.

Despite playing -1 of my handicap, I came home empty handed. Aiming for Best Gross title, I lost to my fellow office colleague, who played a magnificent round of 73 (+1). Can’t complain. Beaten by a mile! 🙂

But I’m happy enough that I was able to play relatively well after such long absence.

Metallica Concert Again, After 20 Years!


The last time Metallica performed in Jakarta was in 1993. I was a college student back then, long haired metal fans. I still remember vividly watching the concert which in the end caused some riots in South Jakarta.

Flash forward 20 years, here I am, father of 2 kids, but still a proud fan of Metallica. So when they once again perform in Jakarta, I was one of the early birds ticket owners.

This time, Metallica held concert in Gelora Bung Karno Senayan, a much bigger venue and drawing much bigger crowd.

And what a show it was. Metallica came out full force, singing mostly their songs from their first 3 albums – Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets. Such a treat for us, who have been their fans since high school. We grew up with these songs.

In the end it is a music, rock music celebration. With such diverse crowd spanning from different generations, the show was full of energy but very sober. Everybody is going home happily. Including Metallica. They must be happy to see such huge crowds singing and chanting their name throughout the show. And as James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich promised after the show: they will be back to Indonesia very very soon. Definitely not another 20 years!





Have a Blast in Ferrari World


After Friday Prayer we tried the biggest crowd drawers in Abu Dhabi nowadays: Ferrari Motorworld.

Located in Yas Island, Ferrari Motor World is a (mostly) indoor theme park that houses attractions, rides and interactive displays of the famous sports car manufacturer from Italy.

I and Rafif, especially, were thrilled riding some of the adrenaline-inducing fast rides and also seeing the latest and historical sports cars showcased in the park. A fine day for us, well maybe less so for Elok and Aya 🙂




Amsterdam: City of Bicycles and Vespa


One thing you instantly notice when you visit Amsterdam is people commute with bicycles. There are lots of bicycles parked and locked in railings or lamp posts. I also noticed some of them are left abandoned for years!

Oh, and for Vespa lovers like me, this city is also a treat. Vespa is like official motorcycle! Vespa in different colors and accessories are everywhere (mostly are LX150 though).

Bikes aside, Amsterdam is a heavily populated city with a feel of a small town. The streets are narrow, the building spaces are limited. It is characterized by many canals and bridges that run across the city. We as tourist can easily walk to many city’s destinations in ease as it only covers short distances. I immediately love the vibe of Amsterdam.